What is the «Jobs Funnel»?

It is a fact: a huge amount of job seekers are «bidding» for few job positions.

This imbalance between job supply and demand generates a «funnel effect» due to job scarcity, which is probably going to be increased in the coming years.

Of course, this statement is not new. This imbalance is not a consequence of what is called «new normal», but it has existed for many years.

Some indicators already denote a new hard employment crisis. It is scary to know that this crisis is going to be even worse than the one in 2008, but it is even more frightening to think that this situation could become continual.

The distinctive feature of this situation is that the damn COVID-19 pandemic has «only» acted as an accelerator for something that was coming, little by little, to stay: the efficiency of technology which would replace jobs that could be automated.

For this reason, the most worrying issue is not the destruction of positions, but that most of these destroyed jobs, which eventually would regenerate, will be occupied by machines, not people.

Personal competitive advantage

I want to say this in the clearest possible way, although it could sound hard, but I think that all professionals have only two options: they could avoid the problem or confront it.

The key question is the one suggested by my colleague and friend Eva Collado in her book: «El mundo cambia, ¿y tú?» («The world is changing, what about you?»). (By the way, if you have not read the book yet, click on the link and buy it because you will need it to design your professional future in the digital age).

For those professionals who choose to confront the problem, it is important to work on their own personal competitive advantage.

You need to change with the world. You need to adapt to it, not from a passive way, but from your values, principles and your unique competitive advantage. You need to communicate from «Why» do you do things, «What» do you do and «how» do you do it. The interesting part is that you have to show your tangible values.

Like Simon Sinek would say: communication «starts with Why» (click on the link to see another book that I recommend you to read if you want to communicate or inspire like great leaders).

From my point of view, a personal branding strategy is an intelligent and adaptive reaction to people’s socio-professional context. You need to take control of your personal branding. So you can achieve it, here you have another resource: The most complete Personal Branding Course.  (The readers of this blog have a 10% discount entering the code FS20MPEX).

Through the «jobs funnel» are going to pass only those professionals who have distinguishing values and a unique value proposition. These features are not only going to be compared to another professionals, but also to technology. The human beings have to recover their abilities. If not, we are going to be replaced by robots or Artificial Intelligence. To be a human being would be irrelevant.

Do you think that the predictions are true?

Would there be an employment crisis?

Is your job one of those that could be replaced by a machine or AI?

What is the most human part of your job? How would you value it?

Do you know which are your distinguishing values?

I look forward to your answers!

Picture: Gutifoll

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